Pricing below are starting price /basic design only. The price below can include simple ,Lite decorations such as chocolate drip, small amount of macarons and chocolate. Adding seasonal flowers to design will insure an additional charge between $20-$100 and comes down to cake size and amount of flowers.

 the addition of items such as gold drip, gold leafs gilding ,figuring, cake topper will adding price to the final quote.

Buttercream/ganache cakes

  • 7" x 8" (tall style) from $180

  • 8" x 8" (tall style) from $200


  • 7”x 5” + 5”x 5” - Serves 30-35 portions - from $250

  • 9”x 5” + 7”x 5” - Serves 55-60 coffee portions - from $350

  • 10”x 5” + 8”x 5” - Serves 65-70 coffee portions - from $450


  • Dependant on cake sizing - from $500

bespoke artistic cakes 

for as long as I can remember I have been truely drawn to the arts. I have always looked for artistic outlets and ways to really channel my creativity. My deeply rooted passion and attention to detail allow me to pour my heart and soul into each masterpiece. Treating it as a blank canvas awaiting a beautiful story to be told though the stroke of my brush or the adornment of each tiny sculpted flower. 

With this in mind I have a minimum order of $400 for these beautiful cakes.  

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